Sunday, October 26, 2014

Art, as of late

My oh my, what has become of this lovely, yet empty-of-fresh-content corner of internet space? Well let me refresh myself on where I was when I abandoned this blog...

ARTIST BLOCKS, a taste of a few Watermedia projects from 2 semesters ago, along with posts of my 'Inspire Me Monday' series... Dang, It's been a while folks.

Here's the recent scoop::

// Artist Blocks. We (my husband/biz partner) launched our project on Kickstarter and didn't receive the funding needed for the project to be fulfilled. Bummer. But we learned a great myriad of lessons in marketing, building a brand, and riding the momentum-wave. For much of it we didn't get things done as quickly as we should have, made some decisions too slowly and didn't market very well. A  little business-fail, but something that we had a great learning experience from.

My hope in the future is, when I revisit this project, to go ahead and fund the project myself (when I can afford it) or go through a different platform. I am putting it on the back-burner for now but DO plan to revisit it soon. I really love the idea and the brand we created it's just about finding the right manufacturers, vendors and marketing correctly to our customers in need. When the timing is right I look forward to the potential this little venture has. :) 

// Inspire Me Monday. It was fun while it lasted but I'm currently working on a new project that is a littler easier to maintain and something I've been wanting to explore for a while. It's a new blog, totally fashion and style oriented and entirely different from my artwork but incredibly fun. Some people like to knit and scrapbook, I like to create blogs and photo-projects and artwork. Haha!

Find and follow my new project  here::
or on Bloglovin'::
and on Instagram:: @utahthreads

// As for my own personal work. I'm really finding a deep love for the watercolor and acrylic mediums. I feel like I'm really finding my voice through what the medium allows me to create. Who knew? I never thought I'd come to love watermedia as much as I do. I always thought oil is the-way-to-go. There's just so much freedom and beauty in the way you can work with water and cover a picture-plane in a short amount of time and really do a lot of work quickly. And the material clean-up is soooo nice! Just sayin'

I'll share some more images and thoughts in another post about a series I've been working on. I've been exploring the subject of the beginning of life and how for some it is so easily dismissed or taken away and the pain, regret or emptiness that accompanies. I then juxtapose it to how sacred and beautiful the creation of a human being is and how miraculous and joyful it can be.  

For now here's a little snip-it of some recent color and media explorations from the past couple months. :) 

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