Monday, September 23, 2013

1st Edition Print

We had the critique today. We discussed composition, focal point, print quality, interest and overall ingenuity. Now I'm not a printmaker nor do I have any experience so I feel fairly good about my editions but know there is definitely room for growth. I am happy with the learning experience it was and the chance I had to work in such a different way. 

I struggled with deciding wether I wanted the piece to lean more towards a strictly graphic design based image or a realistic image. The battle is definitely visible within the contrast between the boat that is bolded and simplified and the fine more detailed lines surrounding. Yet then again the contrast creates a very distinct focal point and leads your eye toward the boat. 

On my next Linocut I will definitely make that decision from the get-go and stick with it so that it can come off as a stronger more eye catching piece. 

The great thing about art is that it's so subjective and what one person may hate another may like. 

So what's your opinion? 

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