Tuesday, September 24, 2013

drawing: En plein air

En plein air (on location) is a technique that became more available for artists once paint was put in tubes. In the late 1800s in England and France artists like William Turner would take their journals and paints and explore their surroundings, recording their picturesque views via watercolor.

Today I did just that. I went outside and recorded the surrounding landscape in graphite in preparation to paint it. A new found love! I believe this is the only thing that could keep me drawing for hours on end, if only getting a sunburn wasn't a factor. I love that I can choose what I want to see, to draw so simply and yet communicate recognizable objects and landscape. 

The task of drawing such masses of trees and finicky details is overwhelming at first. Yet once learned how to translate those things into connecting shapes and values the task becomes easier and enjoyable. One can really play with design elements and focus on composition and value. 

While the weather is nice and cool you should go and draw or paint En Plein Air and share your results with me and I'll do a collective Inspire me Monday with all of your submissions. Deal? Ok deal. 


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