Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm back!!

Hey art friends and art lovers! I'm back. Oh you know, back from creating and birthing a human and spending some months getting to know him. He's pretty cool I guess... Ahem, actually he's AMAZING and I love being a mom to death. I also love creating art and now that I'm finding more balance with sleep, school and snuggles I'm getting back into keeping this blog fresh with inspiration and creation.

I'm in two classes this fall: water media I and a Printmaking I and it's proving to be fun and challenging as I've never truly worked with either medium. Most of the work I will post coming up will come from what I create in these classes. I'll also make an attempt to expand and create some new work if and finally post the rest of my work from the spring (pre-baby). Aaand...I'll also throw in some photography accompanied by deep profound thoughts and of course what you'd rather see; baby pictures!!! Plus a whole new slew of local artists for Inspire Me Monday. I wouldn't want to disappoint. :) 

Let me know if you'd like to be featured! Or if you have any suggestions or know of any local art events that need support. I have high hopes for the potential of this blog and would really love you to participatie and share, share, share, share, share! Please?

Happy Thursday!! More art to come! 

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