Thursday, October 10, 2013

numbingly scrolling - woes of a mom-artist addicted to social media

At night after the critter goes to bed I've been finding myself numblingly scrolling through facebook, blogs and whatever other media I can waste my precious "create time" on. I've caught myself in this wretched rut and now it's too late in the evening to start painting. Too late because I know if I start now I'd find myself getting over absorbed in my art zone and go to bed way past the midnight hour. So instead, I think I'll write up my thoughts and woes and call it a day.

Life seems caught between a fast and slow pace with my mind and body having a hard time finding balance and discipline. Tending to the little one's frequently short naps as I continuously battle between whether I will eat or whether I will shower aside from ever wanting to paint while he lays in silence for an unpredictable and short amount of time. Yet I find myself at the end of the day when he sleeps longer, in this unsatisfying mind drone that is social networking. Because of this I'm dried up on inspiration and wish I could just turn off the suction when I simply just need to create rather than update. It's time for a serious kick in the pants and a vow to remove myself. Ready, set, go.
Oh and btw, I created a tumblr page:

It's sickeningly obvious now that I have a problem. 
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