Monday, October 28, 2013

Visual Effects Artist Josh Badger | Inspire Me Monday

Hey Friends,

This is my friend Josh Badger


Josh is married to another fabulous friend of mine and also an incredible visual effects artist, like, double awesome right?... Yeah, I have cool friends. I love learning about different art mediums and VFX is something so foreign to me yet so mind blowing. Josh possesses some crazy awesome skills! I am amazed at the process of post production and the time it takes to create the amazing results he's made.

Get to know a bit about Josh and his art of visual effects on yet another installment of:

Describe what you use and how you use it:
I am a Visual Effects artist, so I'm work with post production in video. I love working in Adobe's After Effects software; it's wonderful for motion graphics, special effects, and other kinds of video.

Who inspires you and what is it about them or their work that touches you?
Two people: Andrew Kramer and Ryan Wieber. Both were self-taught After Effects artists that made it, and Andrew Kramer made quite a name for himself through teaching other people.

What is it about the process of creating artwork that gives you joy? 
Depending on the work being done, I love being unseen. The video you'll see is an example of what I mean: if I've done my job right, no one knows I've even been there. 

How have you evolved as an artist?
I started in junior high school wanting to make lightsaber videos (super corny, I know). I found out that I could make money doing similar things and was hooked. I'm always looking for a simpler/quicker way to get what I want to get so I can focus on the art involved instead of the technical side.

What other things are you passionate about in life?
My wife and family; my testimony of Jesus Christ, and his Atonement in my behalf.

Did you/are you study(ing) art in school? And what made you choose to go into the program that you did? If you didn't study art, how did you learn or become an artist in your given craft?
I graduated UVU in Spring 2013 in the Digital Media: Cinema track. My specific focus (compositing, essentially special effects) isn't actually taught yet, so I am largely self-taught for my craft while learning the entire process so I can easily blend in.

"I am the chief VFX artist behind the short film "...47 Minutes...". Part of my job was to make this conference room look as though it belonged somewhere that wasn't Provo, Utah; the words "Timpanogos Terrace" would tip off any Utah County native that it was not where we purported it to be. This is a timelapse starting halfway through one shot, jumping back to tweak a second, and the full process from start to finish on a third. Each frame represents three seconds of work."

This is another work that Josh did the visual effects for. All the floating paper, yeah that's Josh's visual effects. Oh and the sweet starry night sky, yeah, Josh did that too.

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Jillian said...

Umm, kind of random to stumble on this from another post of yours... but I love it! Josh forgot about it, and to tell me as you can see. It's alright. It was fun to find it this way. I love your reasons for why he is awesome. ;) I have a few more, but it's a good start of a list for certain. Thanks for recognizing the incredible work he does. He just keeps doing more and more of it!

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